Scalp Psoriasis Anyone?

How many of you suffer from scalp psoriasis?

I myself have been a victim of this atrocious scalp condition in the past and I want to let you all in on how I was able to get it under control. 
I decided to write this blog after a few of my followers reached out to me asking if I knew of anything that would help with this condition.
As mentioned in the 'Good Hair' e-book, keeping your scalp moisturized is one of the keys to growing and maintaining not only a healthy head of hair but a healthy scalp. For those of us who suffer from severe scalp psoriasis we know how hard something as simple as keeping your scalp moisturized even when using the best oils and hair greases can be. You can oil your scalp and the next few hours your scalp is once again dry and scaly all over again. It's annoying and most of all embarrassing!!! 😩 
There was a point in time where my scalp would become so dry that I would literally accumulate large frosted flake sized scabs on my scalp and when picking them off my hair would come out with it. No matter how much I would oil or grease my scalp the problem remained unresolved, and in some instances became worse depending on weather conditions. It would get so bad at times to the point where my hair was thinning (especially around the edges) and it looked like I had no edges, and it doesn't help that my edges are naturally somewhat a sandy brown color. It was so embarrassing and I would often find myself resorting to hairstyles that covered up my hairline.
So how did I get my scalp psoriasis under control? Well honestly I started drinking more water for one, but the thing that really changed the game for me was a product called "Sulfur8".
That's right, the old school medicated, anti-dandruff, hair and scalp conditioner Sulfur-stinking-8!!! Many of you that are in your 30's or older probably know exactly what I'm talking about. This is an old school grease or scalp conditioner that my mom used to use on my hair as a young girl. I hated it because the scent was so strong that all the kids at school would mention how much my hair stunk. Honestly now that I'm older, it doesn't really necessarily "stink" it just has a very strong menthol smell to it, and you can actually feel it tingling and penetrating your scalp. 
Not only does Sulfur8 keep your scalp nicely conditioned for days on end, but it also speeds up the growth process. After using this product faithfully for a good 2-4 weeks I noticed my edges were coming in so thick, soft, and healthy! 😍 You will still have to grease your scalp regularly even with this product, but I can say that unlike every other hair grease or scalp conditioner I've tried, I can actually go a lot longer without having to grease my scalp. With any other grease, I could grease my scalp before bed and literally the next morning my scalp would be desert dry all over again. With Sulfur8, I can usually go a few days without reapplying it which is so refreshing. Another thing that will help to combat scalp psoriasis, is co-washing your hair often. I would say at least every 2-3 days depending on how dry your hair is. Now my scalp has gotten to the point where it's healthy and I don't really have to use Sulfur8, BUT because I like to be extra and I love how full it keeps my edges, I tend to still apply it a few time out of the week mainly on my edges since that is my main problem area just to ensure my scalp doesn't ever revert back. 😅
Anyway, I just thought I'd share that little tip with you all in case there's anyone else out there that is suffering from the same thing and is desperate like I once was for the cure. Let me know in the comments what your experience has been with this product if you've ever used it, or if there are any other products, tips, or tricks you may know of that also help with scalp psoriasis. ❤️

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